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The company is open to innovation and readily adopts latest technology. I love the fact that I am a part of a team that markets reliable, high-quality products and has a global client base. As a result, I get to travel abroad, especially to the US and Canada. But on-site travel is completely dependent on your project and client’s location. Mine is a US based client and they have some offices in Toronto, hence I got a B1 visa quickly. Another plus point is that my colleagues come from various cultural backgrounds, and we work happily in collaboration. I also like the employee re-hire policy here.

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Compensation is decent, but growth is slow. The work pressure is very high. Sometimes, I have to work 14-18 hours straight in a day as I have to attend client calls in the evening and sometimes late into the night. Managers do not value an individuals’ unique strengths, which is why I have to take back my suggestions most of the times. I do receive appreciation emails from my client, but they mostly go unnoticed during my mid-year appraisals. Also, there is no on-job training for freshers, hence senior folks like me have to guide them step-by-step, which is a pain sometimes.

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Generally speaking, my work is slightly challenging as I have to look after the entire product marketing and distribution life cycle as well as manage day-to-day yield operations. Pitching for my company as a marketer gets tiring and the task is slightly repetitive. But I stay on my toes by doing competitive benchmark studies on my own and following market trends. On the basis of my personal research, I keep an 18-month rolling demand calendar ready, hoping that someday I will get recognized for all this effort. All the travel involved gets a little hectic sometimes, but it’s ok. As long as I get to work closely with the client, it will be a great learning experience.



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