1.If you are applying for BDA role in byju's and your are not from the sales background beleive me you will be asked many question's why sales?
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Answered Apr 12, 2021
I was askwd why you want to join sale's.My Answer was that according to my personal experience i am well fit for tgia role because in this role i got an opportunity to talk to new people on daily basic which i love the most. I am very good at motivating people in any manner. When i was at college i was conducting a weekly seminar there on marketing and advertisement. First i start with my friend circle and later i once went to the Director of college to discuss about the same and he thought that it will be a great idea and he appreciated me and gave me a start up from there. So it was my great experience in the college life how to handle the thing which are not under your control. The important thing here is how to control? Remember this. This will help you to gain something in your life also whereever you maybe.

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